I give advice on all employment law, Occupational Health and health and safety matters and give a dedicated and personal service to all my clients.  I also offers both ad hoc and a Retainer Service for Companies and Organisations in both the private and public sector.

An annual fee is payable and services during the year are then provided which include telephone advice on a 24 hour basis, vetting and drafting letters and policies, in-house training.

I also advise both employers and employees on any occupational health related matter and disability issue. 

I act as mediator/conciliator/facilitator before matters are litigated. 

I draft agreements, contracts, letters and Council can instruct expert medical and other witnesses.  I can arrange for private detectives to be instructed and for computer and software experts and forensic accountants to work on any project.

I am also a regular contributor to Croner’s Newsletters.

Nothing is too small to handle.


34 Lyndale Avenue
Tel  020 7435 3229  
Fax 020 7433 3246
Contact Gillian Howard

07831 125115


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I would like to put in writing how much I truly appreciate the tremendous support you have been throughout the entire process. From day one you were resolute about the validity of my case which inspired me to proceed albeit we all thought that X would settle the issue sooner.

You have been feisty and determined on my behalf, recommended good counsel in Yvette Genn and you remained approachable and accessible at all times.

I would, or course, rather not have been in the position of taking legal action but given the circumstances I believe that you were fundamental to the successful outcome.”

I am also pleased to be associated with HRBullets
to which I regularly contribute 

Female Client with sex discrimination case: Thank you for getting me an outstanding settlement allowing me to move on. It was you that gave me the strength. Thank you for your time and advice, most of all for believing in me.